About We

mpladent is a Colombian dental clinic created in 2009, which is responsible for providing specialized dental services and is located in the north of Bogotá, in the Pasadena neighborhood. And now also in Nou business center, Cajicá.

"The needs of our patients represent our workforce ..."

WHO are

At Impladent we are known for our warm and personalized attention, where the most important thing is patient satisfaction. Our experience guarantees the success of our procedures.

Dentro de nuestro portafolio de servicios tenemos todas las especialidades: odontología general, cirugía, estética dental, implantes, rehabilitación oral, endodoncia, periodoncia, ortodoncia, cirugía maxilofacial y odontopediatría. Contamos con un equipo de  especialistas altamente calificados, instrumentos e infraestructura necesarias para realizar cualquier tipo de tratamiento.

Our Mission and vision

Our main objective is to provide a professional quality service.


Contribute to the happiness of the world, performing ethical, aesthetic and functional treatments, through a unique and unparalleled experience, providing a warm service in comfortable facilities, using the latest market techniques and state-of-the-art technology.

With the help of an integrated team focused on meeting the needs of our patients.


By the year 2022 we will be recognized in Bogotá, the savannah and internationally as a dental clinic specialized in highly complex treatments, with more than 1,000,000 satisfied patients through our excellent service.

Always supported by a team of specialists fully recognized nationally for their achievements in the field of Oral Health.


  • Excellence: We have the human resources, equipment, materials and tools necessary to carry out an integral treatment that meets the expectations of our patients.
  • Quality: We have specialists trained in the best universities in the country, who are continuously trained to ensure the quality of their treatments, and comply with carefully established management protocols to ensure the success of our treatments.
  • Ethics: We make a real diagnosis that allows us to offer an ideal and personalized treatment plan to each patient.
  • Warmth: We are passionate about knowing each of our patients to the smallest details, to generate a warm and trusting environment that makes dentistry an unforgettable and pleasurable experience.